Dr. Chris Pellow, D.C.

Dr. Chris Pellow, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Pellow Family Chiropractic has been changing lives in the Denver area since 2001. In 10 years it has now become one of the largest clinics in the world, by helping thousands of people each week ranging from 1 day old to 95 years of age. Dr. Pellow’s passion for helping people has transpired into a book he co-authored called Cruise Ship or Nursing Home, which has sold over hundreds of thousands across the world. linebreak linebreak

People with every problem you can think of have walked through this door and we have gotten results for them where other medical and chiropractic systems have failed miserably. Because of Dr. Pellow and Maximized Living’s massive impact in our community, state, and country, we have been assigned the position of Official Doctors of the World USA Olympic Judo, Wrestling, and Weightlifting Teams, as well as other sports team in the area, including Colorado’s own Colorado Rapids. Dr. Pellow’s strategies of health, using the 5 Essentials of Maximized Living (Maximized Mind, Maximized Nerve Supply, Maximized Quality Nutrition, Maximized Lean Muscle and Oxygen, and Minimize Toxins), that you will learn as a patient in this office, are currently being released in 400 thousand churches around the world. linebreak linebreak

We are already helping thousands in Zimbabwe, Africa. Even though we are doing things globally, Dr Pellow’s patients have full access to him 24/7 via e-mail or phone. Because his patients are considered part of his family here, getting them well, and delivering the best care is his number one priority. linebreak linebreak

Our goal is to change the way people view and manage their health from the inside out, better than any other establishment in the world, and we are getting those results. If we can accept you as a patient, we are confident we can help you get the results you are looking for. linebreak